Patient Resources

These resources provide patients with valuable information on MS. Whether you are looking for facts on MS or treatment and management information, this page will provide patients with the information and sources they need.


What Is MS?

For People Newly Diagnosed

About MS

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Multiple Sclerosis Information Page

Related Conditions

Diagnostic Workup for Patients with Suspected Demyelinating Disease: Testing Options

Diagnostic Criteria

Differential Diagnosis

Consortium of MS Centers MRI Protocol for the Diagnosis and Follow­up of MS


Treating MS

Disease Modification

Emerging Therapies Collaborative

Symptom Management

Brochures on Managing Specific Issues

Brochures on Staying Well


International Organization of Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation Therapists

Clinical Study Measures

Can Do Multiple Sclerosis

Abledata (assistive technology information and resources)

American Occupational Therapy Association

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Psychosocial Issues

Psychosocial Support

Brochures on Managing Major Changes

MS Connection.

Connect with Peers One-on-One

American Psychological Association Division 22: Rehabilitation Psychology